Quaker Valley Foods knows quality beef at a great price is the highest priority.

We have a full range of choice, select and no-roll beef, including rounds, loins, chucks, ribs, and ground beef, as well as an extensive variety of fresh and frozen offal. Our complete selection of major primal and sub-primal cuts means our retail and foodservice clients can quickly access the products they need. Key product suppliers include Tyson IBP, National, Cargill, American, JBS Packerland, Creekstone Farms, SuKarne and more. A complete line of Halal products is readily available as well. As a distributor of chilled and frozen imported beef, we offer products from Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America. Chilled products include cap off insides, rump caps, and flap meat. Frozen products include steer knuckles, rib eye rolls, flap meat, flank steaks, bull meat, cow fores, cow and ox tails. Our Australian suppliers include Teys Australia, JBS Swift and AMH. From New Zealand we offer Riverland and from Central America San Martin, Nirea, Tacuarembo and others.


  • All major primal and sub-primal cuts for retail and foodservice
  • Grades – Choice, Select, No Roll and Prime
  • Packers include (but are not limited to) – Tyson IBP, National, Cargill, American & JBS Packerland
  • All varieties of offal

Imported Beef

  • Quaker Valley Foods imports fresh and frozen beef cuts as well as grinding meat from Australia and South America.
  • Packers include (but are not limited to) – AMH from Australia and San Martin, Greenham, JBS Swift, Riverland from New Zealand, Nirea and Tacuarembo from South America
  • Bone-In Rib Eyes
  • Ribeye Lip-On
  • Export Ribs
  • Semi-Boneless Chucks
  • 2-Piece Boneless Chucks
  • Flatirons
  • Teres Major
  • Clods
  • Clods XT
  • Clod Tender
  • Chuck Rolls
  • Scotch Tenders
  • Bottom Round
  • Eye Round
  • Flats
  • Insides
  • XT Insides
  • Denuded Insides
  • Peeled Knuckles
  • Shortloins
  • Strips
  • Top Butts
  • Top Butts XT
  • Peeled Tenders (PSMO)
  • Peeled Butt Tenders
  • Cap Off Insides
  • Flap Meat
Thin Meat
  • Briskets
  • Nose Off Briskets
  • Neck Bones
  • Outside Skirts
  • Flanks
  • Short Ribs – Bone-In and Boneless
  • Beef Back Ribs
  • Bone-In Hind Shanks
  • Flap Meat
  • Hanging Tenders
Ground Beef
  • 81/19
  • 90/10
Halal Fresh Beef
  • Oxtails
  • Knuckles
  • Eye Rounds
  • Short Ribs
  • Flats
  • Clods
  • Top Blade Muscle
  • Chuck Roll
  • Insides
  • 81/19 Ground Beef
  • Beef Feet
Frozen Offal
  • Beef Tongues
  • Burnt Feet
  • Beef Feet
  • Tripe
  • Leg Tendons
  • Intestines
  • Beef Bones
  • 50/50 Beef Trimmings
  • Oxtails
  • Cow Tails
  • Steer Knuckles
  • Flap Meat
  • Layer Pack Flank Steaks
  • 95% Bull Meat
  • 85% Cow Fores
  • Beef Tails
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