Quaker Valley Foods is the largest wholesaler on the East Coast for frozen lamb, goat and mutton.

Whole lambs as well as choice lamb cuts such as racks, shoulders, loins, bone-in and boneless legs are always in stock. A similar variety of mutton, including  bone-in and boneless legs, 6 piece mutton, shoulders, and shanks are also available. Quaker Valley carries a wide variety of goat products, including 6 piece goats, skin on and skin off goat cubes, skin on and skin off whole goat carcasses, burnt goat heads and scalded goat feet. Many of these products are certified Halal. All of our products are of prime quality and packed by well-known suppliers such as JBS Swift, Fletcher, Alliance, and Western & McPhee.

  • Lamb Racks
  • Lamb Shoulders
  • Bone-In Lamb Legs
  • Lamb Loins
  • Boneless Lamb Legs
  • Lamb Shank
  • Whole Lamb Carcass
  • 6 Piece Burnt Goats
  • Skin-On 6 Piece Goats
  • Skin-Off Goat Cubes
  • Skin-Off Burnt Goat Cubes
  • Burnt Goat Heads
  • Scalded Goat Feet
  • Boneless Mutton Legs
  • Bone-In Mutton Legs
  • 6 Piece Mutton
  • Mutton Shoulders
  • Mutton Shank
  • Imported, Frozen
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