Delivery & Service Map

The size, efficiency, and level of service provided by Quaker Valley Foods makes us the premier food distributor in the Mid Atlantic area.

Whatever your product needs are, QVF can almost certainly reach you:

  • In Pennsylvania, from Wayne County to the southern state border and from Cumberland County, including Harrisburg, to Philadelphia and the eastern state border
  • In Central and Eastern Maryland, from Hagerstown east to the state border, including the cities of Baltimore and Washington
  • The entire states of New Jersey and Delaware
  • In Virginia, the northern counties of Prince William and Fairfax, plus the I-95 corridor from Arlington and Alexandria all the way down to Richmond
  • In New York, all of New York City and the east along I-495
  • In Connecticut, South From Hazardville along I-91 and South of I-84, including Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport.


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